khroma yoga

"To forget is part of our nature. Pain, illnesses and wounds often are a reflection of a forgotten part of ourself. Healing then becomes a process of remembering."

Martin Kirk


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Applied Yoga in private or group sessions (up to 6 persons) 
Develop the skills to engage in your health and wellness with discernment and accountability whether in preventive care or a healing context. Learn healthy and sustainable ways to manage stress.

Primary scopes of practice include the musculoskeletal system and its potential disorders (back, neck and joint pain …), the nervous system  and its potential deregulation (anxiety, insomnia …), the endocrine system and its potential imbalances (puberty, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, depression, post traumatic stress disorder…).

Beginners Yoga Series
Acquire a solid foundation to start practicing yoga safely and enjoyably. 

Family Yoga

Invite a renewed sense of relationship among family members, whether adults or children, and explore through movement and philosophy the art of co-creating a life together.

Community classes (Public)
What to expect? A weaving of therapeutic principles to meet your individual needs, an infusing of the breath through every move to engage your inner intelligence and a sharing of philosophy and myths, to inspire your practice as much as your life.